Agent Referral Program

Be more than a realtor

Unleash your full potential and expand your business by partnering with Cosmo Management.

In a fast-changing real estate environment where agents need to reinvent themselves every day, you want to stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. At Cosmo Management, we understand that as a realtor you wear multiple hats and can sometimes get distracted. If you don’t pay attention, these distractions can cause you to lose focus on what matters most: helping buyers and sellers.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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What We Offer

By teaming with Cosmo Management you can offer your clients:

  • Property/Project management services
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Remodeling & design
  • Landscaping services

Cosmo Management is one of the fastest property management company in South Florida thanks to the network we developed with real estate agents throughout the years.

Below are just a few of the many benefits our program offers:

  • Extra income for referring management, repairs and renovations
  • Stay in control of your deal.  Our team will always keep you in the loop.
  • We’re here to guide you and your client through any situation.

How It Works

The Initial Contact – You contact us to explain your project. We discuss together the best solution that fits your situation and gives you the best option.

Flexibility – you decide how you’d like us to handle projects
1. You decide to put us directly in contact with your client because you don’t have the time to run the show and would rather not be “hands-on”. We send you our confidentiality agreement and keep you informed of all future communications with your client.
2. If you wish to remain our point of contact, we report to you directly and send you a free and detailed estimate based on your client’s budget.

Project completion and walkthrough – Upon project completion, we schedule a walkthrough with you and/or the owner. The final invoice is sent to your client for payment once he approves the work.

Your referral fee – Once we receive your client’s payment, you receive your referral fee within 10 business days.

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Benefits to you:

  • Stay in control of your deal. We keep you in the loop.
  • Extra income for referring out management, repairs and renovations.
  • We guide you and your clients throughout any situation.

Interested in learning more about our agent referral program?

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